Red StagSanto Safaris Limited, the place where all your hunting dreams become a reality and hang on your wall for ever! If it’s a photo of the moment or a shoulder mount it doesn’t matter it’s the fact we can do it for you to make that dream or thought 100% pure reality!

We have from free range to estate hunts, from management to 550 sci beast! We thrive in world class trophies! We have Fallow,Reds,Rams and the odd pig.

We have accommodation for you to come spend a night, weekend or week depending on your goals! You as a client will arrive and feel the warm welcome from Santo Safaris as you become part of it not just a number! We will transport you from the airport to our hunting destination and on our way we will stop in our cafe and have a award winning coffee and a meal to start you off on the journey of your lifetime! 1:15hrs travel looking at New Zealand’s sensational architecture and farming community and you will reach our destination to find yourself in paradise!

After settling into the accommodation which is a hunters quarters so there is some feeling that you are out on a hunting block! We will go test your rifle and see where it’s shooting as they get knocked around on the plane or travelling and we don’t want to miss that shot of a lifetime! And there’s always some fun in shooting the target! We do offer a blaser 338 lapua mag if wanted.

We run a chiller truck also to transport your trophy skin and head to a taxidermist because we would hate for there to be any damage done to it by heat! Or if meat hunting we keep your meat chilled to keep it pristine, we have been asked why we do this and it’s as simple as we care about your investment that we will do everything we can to keep it perfect, We have a brilliant taxidermist we use that will mount your trophy or expedite the skin and head for you!

Transportation on the hunting block is done with a Can am 1000 utv or even the Holden Colorado 4×4, there is a lot of traditional New Zealand style hunting which is stalking and some glassing of clearings and then close in on a shot if there is a animal you want! Then there is the roar, the time where animals you didn’t even know come out of the kanuka! The roar echoes through the gullies even making the experienced hunter shake! Picture this we are roaring a stag and out of nowhere a 550 sci stag comes up to confront us! Now we are the hunted this stag is 450 lbs plus he stares at us with his eyes protruding and his tear ducts are visible he is that close! His eyes are watering and he has to work is out if we are his rivalry or are threat to him so he will back down! You grasp the rifle stock wondering what’s going to unfold but he works us out and retreats into the kanuka! That’s the experience of the roar! So much fun and we reinforce ourselves that we are the hunter not the hunted! Are you ready for that challenge? You should be! The only step now is contact is and lock in a date! We have game cams through the block to try find out what’s in there! They are illusive and a lot won’t go past the cameras but look in our game can section and see what we have caught on camera so far!